For the last time

HI. I’m moving to another blog again and I’m pretty sure this will be the last time.

Over the years (I’ve been blogging regularly for five years or so!) I have posted willy-nilly about all kinds of things with no purpose whatsoever other than to ramble. There was no structure until recently, no concern for how I might feel about something I wrote or shared when I looked back on past posts. Can I be honest with you? Some of them actually make me cringe.

The titles of my blogs have always been some kind of word to represent where I was in my life at that moment. That has changed many times over and, as you may recall, resulted in blog title modifications that confused me even more than they confused you. Trust me on this one.

Two Girls and a Road is now Two Girls and a Guy with Three Dogs in Oklahoma. Ludowe was the Polish word for folk but I’m more German than Polish and, sadly, still haven’t attempted to build my own pierogi. Floridahoma is the obvious combining of Florida and Oklahoma but with my record of moving to a new state every few years, this blog could end up being Floridahomanoisinconsintana. It’ll get even worse. And no, this isn’t my way of saying we’re moving to Montana or anything.

I’m starting new with a blank slate. No transferring of blog posts, no archives going back to 2008, no reworking the WordPress URL to express yet another name to a blog that hasn’t been that close to my heart for a while now. Beginning July 1st, you can find me here. Why that name? Well, Big Blue Marble was already taken. I hope to see you there.

*For those of who were hoping to keep up with the Great Adventures of Schnitzel the Starling, know that he is back home with his mother. He ate enough dog food and mangoes to build up the strength in his legs. He managed to climb the last few inches into his nest when I pushed him under the porch roof as far as my hand could fit. I spoke with him this morning, as a matter of fact, and he’s doing well.


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