To See the Sea Again…

I started reading In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex earlier this week. My bookmark is resting on page nineteen but already I’m pining for salt air, sea breezes, and the stinkeye one gets from those mean ol’ pelicans. I don’t know if I really miss Florida or if I just miss the small fishing and shrimping villages located up and down along the Atlantic coast. Either way, reading about this whaleship and the crew and the harbor town and the island of Nantucket and all the things that remind me of home just seem to remind me of…well, home.

The ocean, the rivers, the marshes, the bridges. Even the cargo ships and cruise lines have a special place in my heart. I feel silly for even entertaining the idea of not returning to Florida this summer. So, so silly.

our camping float-by

a container ship on the St. Johns River, heading out to cross the Atlantic


Mayport shrimp boats – it’s a way of life


Mr. Ed is our favorite tugboat.


Atlantic Coast pelicans are much nicer than Gulf Coast pelicans.


another container ship, returning overseas

Fernandina Jan10 046

at the harbor-front in Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Jan10 039

more Fernandina boats

Dames Point Bridge

Dames Point Bridge that connects North Jacksonville to Arlington, Southside, and the Jacksonville Beaches. A cruise ship makes it way out to sea by navigating under this bridge with barely a few feet of clearance at low tide.


6 thoughts on “To See the Sea Again…

    • No kidding. My brother was attacked (not badly) by a Gulf Coast pelican, jumped right on his head. They are vicious and eager to jump on you to steal your fish. The Atlantic Coast pelicans are at least polite enough to stare you down until you give them something.

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