Destination: Iceland

After checking airline ticket prices and determining how many airplanes I will actually have to board, I finally told my husband of my ideal vacation destination. It goes against everything I have ever believed in in a vacation (tropical, inexpensive, nearby – Florida has spoiled me) and it is sure to create the most intense panic attack the world of air travel has ever seen (John Lithgow in Twilight Zone: The Movie, anyone?). I also opened my speech with a proviso that insists he must wait until I’m ready to board even one airplane before we can ever speak of the two airplanes (minimum) that will be required to get us there.

Where? ICELAND! And this could take many years and more sedatives than are currently legal to help this plan come to fruition, so just play along with me.

But, Dena, don’t you hate the cold? Yes. Emphatically, YES. Yet Iceland has a fairly moderate climate and if I can survive three months of winter in central Oklahoma, what’s a week in Iceland looking at this fantatistical lightshow in the sky?

Just last year Iceland ranked among the happiest nations in the world (third, in fact). I admit that I am a natural-born grumpy pants, but when I am around positive and happy people I don’t like to be the only grumpy asshole in the room so, to fit in, I become positive and happy, too. I don’t even notice it when it’s happening but when I finally do catch on to the change, I hold on to it for dear life and the effects often last for weeks. It is a whimsical feeling.

Speaking of whimsical, did you know that the majority of Icelanders believe elves exist? They say the elves are actually human-sized and live in small homes built into the sides of mountains. I love elves. I love Icelanders for believing in elves!

And then there is this blue lagoon near Reykjavik. I can dig this. My usual tendency to fret over everything is often shut up whenever I am near water. An ocean, a river, a natural spring.  And it looks like blue milk! I want to soak and swim in the warm, blue milk.

Finally, don’t you just love the wind-ruffled hair of Icelandic horses? Surprisingly, they are pony-sized (or are they really just elfin horses, all magical and small?). I will wiggle with happiness if I ever get close enough to one of these creatures. I will not mind the damp or cold weather. I will cry when it is time to leave Iceland. I will never eat fermented shark.


8 thoughts on “Destination: Iceland

  1. I’m in the process of catching up on your blog, so I know this is old. BUT, if you ever decide to go to Iceland, I want to come, too!! I love Iceland!

    • You have time to plan. It’ll be awhile! Matt has been trying to talk me into trying a puddle jumper from Miami to Key West. And I’m the crazy one? No.

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