Recent Happenings

There hasn’t been much writing for fun going on here, unless I count the articles I write for a volunteer Big Cat Rescue organization’s newsletter back home (have you ever heard tiger cubs try to growl before?). And I’m seriously eager to get back home this summer and see those babies before they get too big!

My other blog has been put on hold, too. When free time for reading and researching and being more hands-on becomes available, I suspect I’ll have the energy to put forth into it. But the existence of it makes me happy, so I plan to continue threading the past and present and write about them as they come to me.

And, surprisingly, there hasn’t been much baking. With the crappy weather that’s been hitting us here during the last two weeks, I had been craving some kind of comfort food. It helped that there were four large sweet potatoes sitting on my kitchen counter for months, just looking all sad and begging to be useful. So my husband bought me a bottle of bourbon and I bought a bottle of maple syrup and I made a pie yesterday.

My pie looked nothing like the one in the cookbook pictured below, and I can only guess that it didn’t taste like it, either. However, considering the amount of bourbon I boiled, it is safe to say I could have gotten drunk on the fumes alone. I just wish I could have taste the bourbon, or even the maple syrup. It’s a pie recipe I’ll never repeat. The recipe called for rosemary, which I didn’t have, so perhaps that would have made the difference? Either way, it was still a tasty pie but not worth the effort.

Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie - prep

Four hours’ worth of work for a glorified pumpkin pie. You win some, you lose some, then you grieve with the leftover bourbon – and freshly baked pie.

In other news:

  • The kid finally has braces.
  • Our dog has been diagnosed with Chronic Rhinitis. Basically, she’s snotty and will be for the rest of her life. The house, the car, and all my purses are completely stocked with tissues. CONSIDER THIS A WARNING TO ALL WHO PLAN TO VISIT US. If you hear the dog sneeze, assume action must be taken.  A stomach of steel is required. (Can you believe some people put their dogs down for this very issue? They just don’t want to deal with it. I think those kinds of people are assholes.)
  • Matt bought a television for our bedroom just as I finished Season 2 of Downton Abbey. I’m still sort of deciding what series to take on next and as a result of my Libra-natured indecisiveness, I settled on Toddlers & Tiaras with the kiddo until my senses come back to me. This is what television in the bedroom has done to me – rendered me completely stupid.
  • Thundersleet, anyone? I’m not quite sure what it even is, but they’ve been making an awful fuss over it on every news channel in the city.

Finally, a mom-brag moment. Here are the Valentine’s Day gifts Elle made for Matt and me. I had mentioned to her that I’d like a small secure box to put my wedding ring in at night and she made that happen. Mine is the pink one with the duck pond scene; Matt got the kissing whales. The coolest part? The kissing whales charm is removable and can double as a whale mustache!

Elle's handmade Valentine's Boxes

kissing whales/mustache shaped Valentine's Box


11 thoughts on “Recent Happenings

  1. Those boxes are beautiful. How absolutely touching! She is very talented!!
    Re:thunder sleet…my take is its the latest meteorolgical fear tactic to get ratings and retail sales.
    My boys live up in Boston; when Nemo was a day out the phrase “thunder sleet” was on everyone’s lips up there, prompting a text from my near 30yr old: “ma…what’s this thunder sleet? Should we be doing something?”
    Ummmm yeah….glue yourself to the weather channel…but only after you careen around Stop&Shop buying ridiculous amounts of food!
    (Thankfully he knows my sarcasm 🙂 )

    One month til Spring, my friend!!!! 🙂

    • Oh, I can’t wait for Spring…almost. That’ll bring a new weather pattern to me – tornadoes. But I was just informed this morning that our little midwest snowstorm was given the name “Q”.

      For the record, as a Floridian, I think naming storms that are not hurricanes is stupid. I told my husband, “I hope Florida doesn’t get slammed with a Cat 5 just so Mother Nature can say, ‘Now THAT’S why we name storms!'”

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