Straight Lines


We finally went ice skating downtown tonight! But this blog post isn’t about that. It’s really just a few pictures from the other night when we tried to go ice skating the first time but it was too warm outside and the rink floor was melting. The manager said we could still skate but we couldn’t get close to the railing because the ice at the edge was becoming all slushy. First-time ice skaters with nothing to hold on to? No, thanks. So we went bowling instead.

On our way to the bowling alley in Bricktown, we came across this painted bison. I see these bison statues all over Oklahoma City. There is even one painted with a skeleton near my house in front of some orthopedic institute. Jacksonville has the same thing going on with jaguar and manatee statues placed all over the city. Just as I associate manatees with Florida, I think of my new home here in Oklahoma when I see bison (naturally). The jaguar statues, though, are only for football  purposes back home but I always hope people are bigger fans of the animal. Sadly, both the animal and the NFL team are in need of saving.


I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of the many Eiffel Towers when we walked past this painting class. I see this kind of art class available more and more often – just gather your friends, book a group reservation, and bring your own wine! Although from the looks of it, there is no wine here. Perhaps these ladies imbibed first? As I learned from my bowling scores that evening, alcohol does not contribute to one’s ability to make a straight line, no matter if it’s a ten-pound ball or paintbrush in one’s hand. These ladies totally win the award for making straight lines.

Paris Night

Back to ice skating, though, as tonight’s experience proved just how right we were in walking away earlier this week. None of us had ever ice skated before and the temperatures were cold enough that the entire rink was frozen. That rail was quite handy, too, so I’m very happy to have had it available. Just because we saw some 5-year old kid flailing around on the ice, but upright and in motion, didn’t necessarily mean we would be just as successful our first time in. But we did alright! Did we ice skate in straight lines? Oh, hell. I couldn’t even propel myself forward for the first 10 minutes. Moving in any direction, straight-lined or not, was an accomplishment. Again, the Eiffel Tower ladies win the award for making straight lines.

Nobody fell, no bones were broken, and no tears were shed. And when the middle-aged couple next to me asked if we’d taken ibuprofen before our outing, it dawned on me: getting out of bed tomorrow is going to hurt.


4 thoughts on “Straight Lines

  1. I love those photos!

    Thanks for sharing that advice – I’m actually going ice skating for the first time this week, and I will get that ibuprofen inside me beforehand.

    • It certainly can’t hurt! Well…it’ll help the hurt, I suppose. I can guarantee you that you will be hurting, perhaps not as badly otherwise. Good luck! And have fun! It was a blast.

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