Hail! Hail!

Another Oklahoma first: taking a shower with the bathroom window open just in case the tornado siren started to go off.

Nothing spectacular today, just an average thunderstorm this morning that pushed the warmer temperatures I’ve enjoyed for the past two days into the Deep South, causing tornado warnings and watches all across the south central plains and making room for a cold front. I guess winter has its right to a cold front now and again.

I was working on some Thomas Jefferson history (please tell me you’ve all noted the irony in Obama being the man sworn to uphold our nation’s ideals in which Thomas Jefferson, one of our most famous forefathers, helped to create while still believing blacks to be mentally and intellectually inferior) when I lost power, then internet connection. It was fairly early in the day but I’d already given up any hope of enjoying another episode of The Tudors on Netflix, my lunchtime ritual. (Civilization was restored – I mean, the internet was restored – and I did get to watch Henry VIII banish poor Catherine of Aragon for not giving him a son. Man, that whole family was nuts.)

Then the pelting started, little by little, until it sounded like someone was throwing rocks at all my windows. Being clueless and still not completely in tune with Oklahoma’s weather, I just assumed it was a heavier kind of rain. Finally I realized what was happening and thought back to that time when I was ten years old in Upper Michigan, running in a sudden hail storm to hide beneath a neighbor’s johnboat with a group of my friends, when one boy’s mother screamed for him to come home right away!


The hail that day was much bigger than this morning’s hail, enough to clock that kid square in the face as he ran home. The next time we saw him, he was sporting quite a shiner, a hail-impact-induced black eye. I bet his mother felt silly for calling him home. The rest of us were perfectly fine and safe under that man’s johnboat.


3 thoughts on “Hail! Hail!

    • I’ve tried to prepare myself mentally for the devilish weather come spring. I hate to admit I’m a little excited, but more terrified than anything.

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