Over a year ago, Matt, Elle, and I celebrated our first Christmas together by visiting three cities in three separate states: Orangeburg, South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; and Saint Augustine, Florida. My photographs from that trip came out so shadowed and dark that when I uploaded them onto my computer, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of time I would have to spend to make them all somewhat presentable. I just never did it.

So this morning when I plunked myself down to finish the last four pages of a riveting (*choke*) essay on Catholic and Protestant styles of Baroque art, I decided after an hour of navigating art forums that it was the perfect moment to adjust some of the pictures. I went with Saint Augustine first since that was the biggest batch.

I’m learning that with this subject of piety there is no sure guarantee that inspiration and/or motivation will strike. But I have always been a better writer under the building pressure of a deadline. Also, I find that, for me, sometimes procrastinating isn’t necessarily a putting off or shirking of responsibilities. I am the kind of person who will allow someone to walk away from an argument and I would expect to be given the same respect from my opponent, to clear our heads and cool down, if you will. This is what my relationship has been like with Reformation and the Counter-Reformation, filled with more hate than love, actually.

So, here are my lightened photographs of Saint Augustine, Florida – one of my favorite cities in the world and aptly named after Augustine of Hippo, who many Protestants and Calvinists consider to be one of the theological fathers of the Protestant Reformation. Would you believe I had no clue of the connection between my photos, this city, and my research paper until I wrote this last paragraph? I find this a bit odd, if not entirely ironic, that even while trying to clear my mind of all things Catholic and Protestant, there never really was any chance of escape.

Nicely played, Augustine. Nicely played.


Flagler College (the former Ponce de Leon hotel)

St. Augustine Lighthouse

looking up at the St. Augustine lighthouse


Castillo de San Marco




Crescent Beach


St. Augustine Beach

Good morning!


gorgeous hibiscus

(I do know that the Enlightenment happened after the Reformation/Counter-Reformation, but it was a huge influence on the period and really…I just couldn’t help myself with that title.)


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