More Teddy

For a fairly good sized 60-pound catdog, Teddy somehow manages to gracefully curl himself into a ball or carefully prop himself upright leaving him to rest quite easily on the leather sofa – the back of the leather sofa, where cushions and armrests are not required. Teddy is surprisingly considerate enough to leave those parts of the sofa for the humans (although he is always happy let you know he’s back there by sniffing your hair, licking your head, or by licking himself right next to your head).




Teddy and Chimay. She is sometimes difficult to see right away in this house with dark brown floors and furniture, but her new reflective collar has kept us from spooking each other more than once.

We are used to finding Teddy like this, resting comfortably on the back of the couch. There is probably a really great view out of the front room windows from this height, too. Even after moving a smaller sofa right up against the front room windows, Teddy still prefers his spot on the leather sofa. Perhaps the cushions and armrests are somewhat confining to a catdog who lies on the floor with his legs outstretched in front of and behind him (we call this his yoga technique).

More boingle yoga with Teddy

The following photographs show how we found Teddy yesterday morning, his legs outstretched and hugging a cushion, his body completely draped over most of the sofa with his tail dangling nonchalantly behind him. I snapped pictures of him for a good minute, in tears from laughing so hard at what a funny cat-slash-dog he continues to be. Teddy didn’t budge, except to move his head to see what so damn funny. He was comfortable.





15 thoughts on “More Teddy

  1. I showed these photos to my husband because he thinks Ruby is the naughtiest dog in the world. We’ve caught her doing the same thing even though she isn’t even supposed to be on the sofa. When she lies in your Teddy’s yoga pose we call it her froggy position. It’s lovely to see Teddy feels so at home!

  2. I love Teddy, he sounds like the perfect combo of looking like a dog but acting like a cat! The one pose where he has his legs stretched out behind him is what our unny does when she ‘flops’ and relaxes, so quietly possibly you may have a cat, dog, and hint of a bunny too in Teddy. He is so cute, I love it when you post pictures of him and his antics!

  3. Hee!! What a photogenic sweetheart. He makes me especially wish that I was in a dog-possible apartment. Ah well – at least I have pictures like these to look at 🙂

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