Living Greenery

Last weekend my husband and I filled our home with plants – all kinds of plants! It is pretty incredible what a little bit of living greenery can do to a room, not to mention one’s mood (namely mine). We now have a lovely cordatum cascading from the high kitchen cabinets and a Norfolk Pine tree in the office.

Norfolk Pine

A philodendron in the living room is doing a nice job of filling out a corner in which nothing else seemed to belong. The kiddo even chose a beautiful orange bromeliad for her new bedroom desk/work table. California ivy hangs down from a bookshelf and kitchen herbs now take up a part of the kitchen that had been reserved for junk mail in the past. We are constantly motivated now to keep the counters cleared of paperwork, especially since the ceramic planters match the kitchen curtains so perfectly.

And this? This is a very unique looking succulent, chosen by the husband and Elle.


Sometimes I look at it and imagine it’s some kind of alien life form. Anyone have any advice on how not to kill a house-bound succulent?


10 thoughts on “Living Greenery

      • I’m certain it’s an aeonium, but don’t know what exact type. Take a look online and I think you’ll see pics that look just like it. Basically yes, you treat them like any other cacti/succulent; when it gets warm enough you can move it outside for awhile!

      • When it gets warm enough, I’ll be moving myself outside for awhile. Imagine that – me, surrounded by my pots and trees! Instead of the crazy cat lady, I’ll be known as the crazy potted plant lady.

        Thanks for the advice – I will ask the Googles!

  1. don’t overwater it, light but no direct sun, don’t water on the leafs, use compost with grit or little stones to give it good drainage, not winterhardy, if you put it outside in Spring give it shade for a good week, then maybe a little sun but not for hours on end, if you repot it every year ( new soil) then you don’t have to give it extra food

    • Thanks – that was another question that you just answered, about feeding it a few times a year. I’m happy to learn it’s in a good spot in the house!

    • Much appreciated advice – I learned my lesson with overwatering a cactus last summer (poor Elle’s little ruby ball cactus, we were both watering it without the other’s knowledge and it died a gooey death).

  2. Oof, how was I not following you?? I was in Google Reader, anyway, and assumed that I was here, too. Ah well – you have been gifted with another official “follower” :).

    I love that succulent! The background is so pretty and bright, too. I echo the same advice as everyone else, though I have found that many of my succulents thrive right on the windowsill, despite the direct light.

    Enjoy the chlorophyll!

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