Our Box of Vitamin C

Just in time for flu season, this year’s citrus crop from my parents was – oh, I have to say it – fruitful. Ha. I couldn’t help myself.

tangerines from Florida

We received our package yesterday filled with tangerines grown in my parents’ backyard. Each year around Christmas or after the New Year, depending on the first frost and citrus fruits’ finicky harvest schedules, my mom and dad send boxes of tangerines and Valencia oranges to my family in Wisconsin, who traditionally send blocks of Wisconsin cheese and cheese curds in return. This year, Matt and I were able to get in the trading game a bit when we shipped my folks two gallons of pecans in return for these tangerines. Perhaps I should send some pecans to Wisconsin in exchange for some real Wisconsin cheese curds.

Huh, why didn’t I think of that earlier?

I remember a long time ago reading in one of the Little House books of one particular Christmas morning on which Laura and Mary each received only an orange in their stockings. Can you imagine? The grueling hardships like those of pioneer life are things I wish to never have to endure, unless by choice, and that’s unlikely. We live in a world that gives us what we want every day, every season, every year, but I can only guess that my excitement upon opening this box of tangerines was very faintly similar to how the Ingalls girls felt on that Christmas morning.


So I have finally decided to get my first flu shot in my life seeing as the country has gone completely mad with flu-scare stories. Does an early start to the flu season mean it will be a more dangerous virus? Should my healthy 11-year old get one, too? Why can’t I just run away into the woods with my family and our box of tangerines until everyone learns how to wash their hands? Oh, so many questions.


5 thoughts on “Our Box of Vitamin C

  1. The tangerines look yum! This is my 4th year of the flu shot….but I always get either the nasal one or the intradermal one because I hate needles that much! I don’t know what to tell you about flu shots at your daughter’s age. Call your pharmacist and get their opionion. maybe? And study up on probiotics. They improve resistance and we are true believers in them! 🙂 (and they come in gummies!)

    • The Mayo Clinic suggested she should get one, so we’ll torture ourselves this weekend. We’re both tough cookies when it comes to shots – nasal sprays, not so much! Thanks for the advice!

  2. Think I read that Vitamin C will help ward off the flu so those tangerines should help. Try to get over the freaky feeling of squirting something up your nose. I wouldn’t do it for YEARS and I suffered with sinusitis that would turn into bronchitis. Once I got past it and started using saline solution sprays, I haven’t had sinus problems or bronchitis since.

    • I haven’t been able to come to that yet, squirting anything up my nose. But then again, I haven’t been so miserably sick that I’ve been willing to try it. My bouts with bronchitis stopped after I quit smoking so I attribute not getting it since to plain ol’ recovery time, courtesy of the Universe.

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