A Simplified Year


Bolivar, Missouri


We spent the last weekend of 2012 in Springfield, Missouri, visiting family and friends. A late Christmas gift exchange was celebrated with Matt’s family on Saturday evening when we got into town. On Sunday we drove to Bolivar where we spent the day with friends and I snuggled with a five-week-old baby. New Year’s Eve included more friends, wine, a laugh-till-you-cry card game, talk of Tony Danza and cold-hardy chickens, and keeping an eye out for the police while our party host shot off fireworks from his backyard.

It snowed Sunday evening and most of New Year’s Eve – heavy, fat snowflakes that didn’t stick. It was cold and wintery, but not intolerable. And it was beautiful from inside the house. My in-laws kept their television and the wood stove running nearly all day. Considering we get only a handful of channels on our television in Oklahoma City, I was TV-drunk and totally blissed out.  Matt and Elle went to see The Hobbit in 3D while I stayed behind and watched Mary Poppins and the enjoyably cheesy Tomorrow, When the War Began with Matt’s dad. Then he and I talked about pestilence, the war in Flanders, and Ayn Rand.

I received a text from my mother in Florida on Monday night, telling me that she and my dad were celebrating with their traditional New Year’s Eve dinner of fresh shrimp and crab legs. Her fingers would be too messy to text me later. When Matt and I began heading home on Tuesday morning to Oklahoma City, I insisted we at least grab some sushi for dinner since we can’t readily get our hands on fresh shrimp and crab legs around here.  Sure, we might be a whole day late (New Year’s Day is actually when my mother cooks up her annual batch of Polish sausage and sauerkraut, a tradition I won’t particularly miss smelling all that much), but I wanted to keep some of the seafood tradition around…even if we had to half-ass it and make it up as we went along.


A lot has happened since the first day of 2012. I read these words earlier: “You can have everything you want in life, just not always at the same time.” I wish I knew who to credit. Better yet, I wish I’d been the one to say this! I’m not one for making resolutions because I tend to take action only when the moment feels right or when I know I am fully committed and willing to make a change (and more likely to be successful), but it all seems to come down to perspective, really.

And a simplified perspective is all I truly want to gain this year (well, that and my Bachelor’s degree). So that when I have all the things I ever wanted – and not all at once, not all at the same time – I might still be able to recognize that I was lucky enough to have them happen to me, for me, or even because of me at some moment in time.

I wish this for everyone, along with a happy 2013.


6 thoughts on “A Simplified Year

  1. Happy new year to you and your family! That is a very interesting quote and I’ve never heard of it before, I will keep it in mind on those certain days where you are asking why you can’t have everything you want. I like your perspective on enjoying the things that you want and you do end up having. I’ve also head that anything you really want in life you will always have to work hard for, it won’t be handed to you or easy to attain.

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