Christmas Snow

Elle has always asked me when she would ever get to see snow. Since she is a born and bred Florida girl who adapted to ocean waves and salt water before she was a year old, snow and all the fun things that go along with it have eluded her for her whole eleven years. Now that we live in Oklahoma where there are actually four full seasons, Elle has been looking forward to seeing snow since Day One. She even told her teacher that her Christmas wish was to see snow.

For a week, the news reports cautiously went back and forth on whether a winter storm would hit us on Christmas day and, when it was officially determined that central Oklahoma would get some of the white stuff, how much would accumulate. Finally, just hours before bedtime on Christmas Eve, we were notified by the National Weather Service that parts of our city would get anywhere between 1-10 inches of snow.

After the first few hours of Christmas morning were spent opening gifts and enjoying breakfast together, the fat flakes started to fall. Heavy snowflakes! There were so many of them, too, as if the sky has just decided to dump the whole lot of them right over our house. Elle dressed herself as quickly as she could and ran outside in true Florida-bred style – in shorts (and I allowed it because, hello…first time she’s ever seen SNOW!).



This heavy snowfall went on for hours and hours, with the wind blowing the snow in every direction. We didn’t get the 4-6 inches of accumulation we were hoping for to take Elle sledding or to initiate a snowball fight, but that didn’t matter. There was plenty of it on the ground to make a small snowman and that was good enough for her.

By dinnertime, Elle declared this her best Christmas ever.

snow goblin

Elle's first snowball

consider wind direction...


8 thoughts on “Christmas Snow

    • Same to you! While I grew up in Upper Michigan, I couldn’t do winters at such great lengths again. I assume Montana is that snowy and cold this time of year – bear down, buck up, and stay warm. Happy Holidays to you, too!

  1. We don’t get snow in Melbourne much, maybe once every twenty years. We can drive about three hours to see snow in winter though in the mountains. After reading your post about Ellie’s delight with the snow, I feel even guiltier that I’ve never taken the boys to see it!

    • My husband loves to talk about us taking a trip to Colorado soon to enjoy the mountain snow and I’m so ready for hot muggy weather to return! Haha, poor hubby, he married someone who will only go outside if it’s over 75 degrees F.

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