Fun for all ages…

The always hilarious Christmas party gift exchanges from parties past has usually pocketed me a Starbucks gift card, a smoked salmon, or Peterbrooke’s delicious chocolate covered popcorn, but not this year. Oh, no. This year I have a husband to consider and he had already set his sights on a very unusual gift making the trading rounds. This year we both fought valiantly through a 15-minute die-rolling competition to be sure we came home with this.

Matt and the horse head, and a wall photo of self?

art comes to life!

It wasn’t difficult to get, to be honest with you. Whenever another steal or trade landed the horse head in someone’s lap, the disappointed look on their face said what the hell do I want with a horse head? Matt wanted that horse head so at the end of the game, we just traded out whatever we had and ended up with the horse head anyway.


my “mane” squeeze

The kids loved it. Little Kaylee insisted that I wear it so she could pet my horse nose then proceeded to feed me chocolate squares through my mouth hole. When it was her turn to be the horse, she posed like a proper young lady by the Christmas tree.

Kaylee and the horse head

Not to be outdone, Severin wanted a crack at it. A little top heavy at times, the horse head had to be secured by hand while Sev whinnied and neighed like a good horse. One of the best photos of the evening involved a close-up of Sev in the horse head which is now his mother’s Facebook profile photo.

Sev and the horse head

The horse head was a hit. From what I understand, it has already been invited to next year’s Christmas party, the first official invite for the big holiday bash of 2013. Although next year, we could also bring the unicorn for some additional Christmas magic…

creepy unicorn

Elle during summer vacation


6 thoughts on “Fun for all ages…

  1. Merry Christmas, Florida Girl! You are now officially as strange as me. To think that you were the only ones at the party who WANTED the horse head and were determined to come home with it! Inquiring minds just have to know — was hubby lying on the couch watching the TV through the horse head?

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