teacher gifts

Each year, Elle usually chooses a special ornament to give to her teacher as a gift before the holiday break.  This year, she wanted to make something herself.

I know I should never be surprised by what kids can do artistically, but I must admit I am quite in love with some of the charms my daughter has made lately (my favorite is her mustached octopus – c’mon, it’s an octopus, WITH A MUSTACHE!) . It’s simple: polymer (oven-bake) clay, eye-pins, sculpting tools, and, after having the clay sculpture bake in the oven for…well, we still haven’t mastered the timing or the temperature, clear nail-polish for shine.

This year, Elle chose to gift her 5th grade teacher and her art teacher (the one who so intensely helped her with her art school entries for the past month) with a marbled-heart cheesecake charm.  As any kid would do when presenting someone with something handmade, Elle was a little nervous about whether or not her teachers would like them.

teacher gifts

teacher gifts

In the wake of recent events and recognizing that children are returning to school after a weekend of reflecting, I assured Elle that these charms will mean so much to her teachers and for many, many years, too.


7 thoughts on “Charming

  1. As a teacher I would have loved something like this as a present. I’ve had students cook things for me before but nothing as lovely as the charm Elle made. She’s a talented girl.

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