Some opportunities require more work than others.

Tomorrow, we will submit Elle’s portfolio and admission application to a particularly desirable public school here in Oklahoma City. She’s been working hard these past few weeks, getting some tips from our photographer friend, Kurt, and staying after school for additional art instruction from her art teacher (we can never thank these two people enough), learning how to grid, working with watercolors, and getting a general understanding of what it’s really like to put in a lot of extra time and work for something you really, really want, like an acceptance letter into a particularly desirable public school.

(One of these days, I will have to share my feelings on public school magnet programs, Title I school classifications, the wastefulness of your education tax dollars, KIPP schools, union retention of shitty teachers, and how I actually got angry and cried while watching a documentary called The Lottery. I simply cannot grasp why children have to beg and compete for a decent TAX-FUNDED education.)

Her artwork submissions include black & white drawings, watercolor landscapes, and some of her favorite photographs she has taken over the last year. The artists over at Red Dirt Gallery (another group of people we can never thank enough), where Elle placed first in their student art show with her photograph of Chimay, provided us with a recommendation letter to hand over to the powers that be on the school’s admissions board, even though we never asked for such a letter (seriously, wasn’t that awesome!?). Later, there will be academic placement testing and a sketching/drawing skills test (a few times in the next month), but we’ve explained to Elle that these are mere moments of her life. Also, I’m sure I have bored her to near-death with my interpretation of “the big picture”.


On a less tedious note, I was contacted earlier this week by an assistant editor at Hobby Farm Home regarding a photograph from my spring garden in Florida. After a few emails back and forth, the magazine now has my permission to use it in their upcoming issue (a piece about cosmic purple carrots). There is no monetary payment but I will be compensated with a free issue in my mailbox!

purple carrots

such a teeny carrot (and, no, this is not THE photograph)

I wasn’t very successful at growing cosmic purple carrots (I don’t know if it was because of me, circumstances, or just bad luck) but I won’t be growing that kind again. I want more lycopene in my life (read as: atomic reds, baby!) but I am delighted to know that someone appreciates my obsessive need to make good use of those cosmic purples. They tasted like crap, but they sure were pretty.


3 thoughts on “Opportunities

    • Taste is subjective and I was warned these were “spicy”, but I wasn’t expecting bitter. Then again, I probably suck at growing carrots. I’ll try one more round next year to hopefully prove the universe wrong, but if I’m right – I’m happy to take photographs instead. Ha!

      I will be growing atomic red carrots next year! Talk about radioactive…

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