Last Friday, the three of us packed our weekend bags and headed south to the suburbs of Dallas. Our main objective was to haul a hot tub back to Oklahoma City, one that was graciously given to us at no charge, but one cannot go to Dallas with a young daughter and not visit the American Girl Store. I think it’s a law somewhere.

Saturday morning, Ame (half of our weekend hosting duo) and I took Elle to the store for her first-ever experience at an American Girl Place. It was decided as we got closer to the parking garage that no matter what age a woman is, she instantly turns into an 8-year old girl at the prospect of being around so many American Girl dolls. I had never heard of American Girl until only a few years ago when Elle began taking an interest in them. Ame, on the other hand, has been pining over them for the better part of two decades.

American Girl Place - Dallas, Texas

AG bistro

the American Girl bistro

On Saturday night, a few more friends came by and we all played card games and board games. There was beer and pizza and babies and lots of people laughing. So many people laughing, in fact, that I cried from laughing so hard myself. It’s easy to enjoy yourself around really cool people. How cool are they? This is the wallpaper in their living room (on one wall, at least…):

Seriously, the coolest wallpaper ever.

After a good night’s sleep, we packed up our minivan with our bags (and American Girl loot) and the hauling trailer with the hot tub (and a bonus table and chairs!) for the drive back to Oklahoma City on Sunday morning. Matt introduced us to Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies, a small eatery on the north side of the Arbuckles on I-35. It was delicious and Elle and I brought two frozen pies home with us to eat later for dessert. If you ever want to try a fried pie, just look for the Sinclair rooftop dinosaur in Davis, Oklahoma (accompanied by appropriately noticeable signage). Or just come visit me in Oklahoma City and I’ll take you to a smaller fried pie shop (same company!) located a few blocks from my house.


Dallas was 70 degrees when we left and Oklahoma City was 38 degrees when we arrived home.  The weather radar warned of snow flurries in central Oklahoma as the night progressed and Elle was so excited! But it didn’t snow in Oklahoma City. Instead, it actually snowed in Dallas! We were still treated to blustery winds as the cold front marched its way into town and we woke up Monday morning to a balmy 12-degree wind chill. The kiddo got to wear her new winter coat to school and I spent the day in three layers of clothing and some turquoise fuzzy socks.

The mild and humid spring-like Dallas weather was quite enjoyable, but winter is officially here.


2 thoughts on “Weekending

    • We’re climbing back into the 50s this week, so daytime isn’t too bad as long as the sun is shining. And to think, I used to get chilly at 77 degrees…now I can’t wait for those temps to come back!

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