First Foggy Morning

My husband opened the back door yesterday and reported to me, “Honey, there’s fog.” Joy of joys! That only meant one thing: there was MOISTURE in the air!

a hint of fog

This is the only time I have ever experienced fog here in Oklahoma. There was one time a few months ago that I thought we were being overtaken by fog but I was quickly corrected when a friend informed me, “No, that’s just dirt. The wind picks it up from elsewhere and it blows into the city.”

I don’t get you, Oklahoma. You and your wind. Bah.

This week has been gorgeous, though. Last year when I was visiting, I felt like I was being held hostage by a cold front that had inconveniently moved in the day I showed up. We got one good day of weather, a sunny and warm Black Friday. The next day, we were back in the car again and heading home to Jacksonville, Florida, where there is always moisture in the air.

A few Oklahomans have tried to convince me that their state experiences heavy doses of humidity sometimes. I must say, with all due respect, that it might just be one of those subjective topics. I felt no such thing when I moved here, though I’m probably immune. I would probably fare just fine if dropped into the soup bowl of New Orleans in the middle of August, armed with nothing more than a bottle of water and sunscreen. However, as a commenter pointed out to me in another post, her summertime experiences in Kansas introduced her to what she called the “giant hairdryer”.

I concede. Dry heat totally killed me this summer and the wind (again, that damn wind!) wasn’t much help. This dry heat with its “giant hairdryer” is a strange and bizarre phenomenon to this coastal girl. And I missed being able to tell the time of day by the afternoon thunderstorms, fueled, no doubt, by the excess humidity that the southeastern U.S. is so famous for. Here in Oklahoma, I had to actually look at a clock.

So, dear fog, please feel free to make a home here in Oklahoma. I do miss you.


2 thoughts on “First Foggy Morning

  1. Well, with you being a Florida native it doesn’t surprise me too much that the oklahoma natives are telling you they have humidity but it doesn’t feel like it. Florida humidity is very unique and I’ve felt humid states before, but their humidity is definitely the strongest and the wettest! 😉 I actually really like that dry heat because it can be like 110 degrees and I can still walk out in a t shirt, while if it was humid heat I’d be hiding in the air conditioning! Anywho, I wanted to wish you a happy turkey day and I enjoyed this post of yours.

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