36 before 36: An Update

It’s been staring me in the face, that 36 before 36 list. Not because I feel I’ve failed, but just because it’s time to retire it and move on with things. I’m happy to to do that but first, let’s take a look at some of the goals that were never met, either by chance or by choice. (What did get accomplished? Click here.)

Okay, so these things didn’t happen.

  1. Get a job that makes me happy (even if it takes a few tries) – I am not focusing on getting a job right now, unless you count being a wife and mom which, in that case, I’m very, very happy!
  2. Organize my entire postcard collection – they’re packed away somewhere in this house, or maybe on my bookshelf? Er…the basement? Obviously, unpacking and nesting became the priority, not organizing my postcards.
  3. Sell my entire Strawberry Shortcake collection of dolls and collectibles on Ebay – they’re the last link to my childhood (I’m very attached to them) and also being stored in my parents’ attic over a thousand miles away.
  4. Be debt-free (even if only for a short time) – IT HAPPENED! For two weeks in early November, albeit after my birthday, it happened! But then my dental insurance hit a snafu and, well…out of pocket expenses. Refund is forthcoming.
  5. Learn to accept myself as everyone else already has (for better or for worse) – I, like most other human beings, have self-esteem issues. We’ll continue to work on this one.
  6. Visit Wichita Mountain National Wildlife Refuge – we all got busy and then it got cold outside. For the time being, Wichita Mountain is not going anywhere.
  7. See a buffalo in the wild – I have these grand fantasies that a buffalo will just walk up to me and allow me to touch its head ever so gently while someone takes a photograph of this moment (mountains and sunrise in the background, the animal’s breath visible in the cool morning air). Honestly, I’d be happy just seeing one from afar, the way I get when a Clydesdale walks past me in a parade. I don’t care how I see one, I just want it to happen.
  8. Write something really, really good and submit it for publication. If I’m rejected, submit it somewhere else – for the first time in my life as a college student, a professor criticized my writing. I was insulted and then realized he was right. I have things to learn.
  9. Make homemade ice cream – I was busy making delicious brownies and quiche and pot roasts, so forgive me if our ice cream came from cartons purchased at Braum’s.
  10. Instruct less, participate more – I’m a mom, therefore I’m a nag. I’m getting better at it, I hope. For my kid’s sake.
  11. Learn to walk in heels – Ha! I’m still trying to get used to wearing socks and real shoes now. Oklahoma isn’t exactly bursting at the seams with flipflop weather.
  12. Get rid of the chip on my shoulder – to be quite honest with you, I don’t even know for sure what that chip is so I cannot fix it. We’ll label this one In Progress.
  13. Learn to breathe and just enjoy – my brain is not hardwired for this and the stress of everyday life has caused my jaws to clench so tightly when I sleep that my face feels like it’s breaking the next morning. Instead, I’m just going to rewrite this goal as “drink a sufficient amount of wine before bed and hope for the best…”.

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