Conquering the Quiche

This is quite possibly the first time I have ever started a recipe from this cookbook and had all the ingredients to finish it without having to ad lib with other recipes to make up for my unpreparedness. Finally. I did something right!

You wanna know how prepared I actually was this time around for my first quiche? Let’s just say I ordered collard greens at the beginning of the month from the food co-op and bought my stone-ground cornmeal about three weeks ago. The only mistake I made was to guess-judge the amount of collards by how many would seem appropriate for a 9-inch deep dish. The recipe called for a bundle of collards, and I don’t know how much a bundle actually is (I ordered a “gallon of collards” that were delivered to me in a plastic bag so you can see where I came out confused) but Matt did a fine job chopping those suckers into “thin ribbons”. Next time, we’ll chop up a little more.

We were rewarded with deliciousness and plenty of leftovers.

The recipe for Winter Greens & Cornbread Quiche is a full page of instructions, ingredients, steps, and stages of readiness so I’m not typing it all here. Besides, you really need to get your own copy of Ashley English’s A Year of Pies. So far, I’ve made one pie and a blackberry grunt. Later this week, I’ll be making a Brown Sugar Buttermilk Pie (page 64!) for Thanksgiving dessert. Seasonal baking, seasonal pies. Most are sweet but some are savory, too, if that’s your thing. This fun cookbook includes pies, sonkers, quiches, crostatas, tarts, and galettes, which I’ve seen elsewhere referred to as “lazy man’s pie” (that’s my kind of pie considering my first one took dang near 6 hours).

Bring on the brown sugar and buttermilk…I’m ready.


3 thoughts on “Conquering the Quiche

    • Oh, my first ever peach pie took six hours. This only took 1.5. And that’s all 8 eggs baked at the bottom with the collards with the cornmeal spread over the top. It was tasty!

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