Grace in Small Things: #6

Elle's first place photograph

Elle and Andrew Afuko

  1. That my child’s confidence has hopefully been boosted by her first-place win in a local student juried art show. (That’s the winning photo, top, and her with the organizer of the Red Dirt Artists & Gallery show, Andrew Akufo, bottom.)
  2. Spending a Thanksgiving luncheon with Elle at her school and meeting her classmates (even the ones that give her a hard time – we know who you are now! Just kidding…kind of).
  3. This year, Elle had a dad to visit her for lunch at school.
  4. Sharing a Friday night dinner with new friends and their kids.
  5. Reading through six chapters of a book for the pure fun of it in one sitting (college textbooks were hidden away all week). My eyes exploded but it was worth it.

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10 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things: #6

  1. I don’t know what these kids are making fun of Elle for, but let her know that she should never stop being herself! She’ll regret it if she does (of course I know with an awesome mom like YOU, she already knows to keep on being herself). Personally, I think she’s awesome, and if I ever had a kid, I’d want one like Elle.

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