Preconceived Notions

My head is filled with preconceived notions. I can’t help it; I think I was just born this way. At times, those expectations get in the way of actually enjoying a thing for what it is, maybe because I’ve already imagined all the fun that could be had and, inevitably, the real fun runs out before I can get over the fact that I was surprisingly right about how it would all go down. So I actually prefer to go into something with the wrong expectations. The element of surprise wins out every time.

All of that was simply to explain why I get so excited about seeing stuff like this:

Oklahoma landscape

Oklahoma is certainly not as boring as I thought it was going to be. This is the Plains, after all. The ridiculously excessive wind likes to remind me from time to time of where I live, in case the lack of humidity isn’t a sure sign.

beautiful Oklahoma landscape

Piedmont, Okla.

My expectations of Oklahoma have been wrong almost every time I find myself in a situation that has already played out in my head, more than likely when I was still living in coastal Florida and sitting on a beach. Since being landlocked, I get excited around noontime on Saturdays when the city tests the tornado warning sirens (I’ll share more about that next spring after I’ve spent my first tornado season in the basement). And yes, I am dreading winter in the most perfectly miserable way (but deep down in the recesses of my winter-hating soul, I can’t wait to go outside and play in it with my kid, who has never seen the stuff).

The fall leaves are more beautiful than I could have imagined, even though the drought of the past couple years has muted the colors (our recent summer weather has been compared to that of the Dust Bowl years, but with more agricultural smarts in play this time around to prevent another ecological disaster). My family is related to Laura Ingalls Wilder, the girl-pioneer who braved the lands not too far from here with her family over a hundred years ago. Also, I live off Route 66, the Mother Road – could an American history nerd ask for anything more? I think not.

Though I still have yet to meet my buffalo.


9 thoughts on “Preconceived Notions

    • Now that I’ve been here awhile, I noticed that most people who talk about the expectation of a cold winter are the ones who WANT it to be cold so that the trees and the plants can recover from the drought. I heard on the news a few days ago that the winter will probably be mild yet again.

  1. These pictures are gorgeous! When I first moved to Kansas, I expected the landscape to be interesting (maybe) in its novelty (all that flat land), but not particularly pretty. I was totally wrong about prairie landscape – as your pictures show! When I drove through the Flint Hills part of Kansas (on the way to visiting somebody in Oklahoma, actually) I was completely blown away. SO beautiful.

    As far as the wind: wait until you’re there through the summertime and that wind is blowing…but it’s also still really hot. It seriously feels like somebody’s blasting you with a giant hairdryer. It’s the weirdest thing! I never got used to that, in my 6+ years out there!!

    • I did get to experience August here in Oklahoma and you are so right about the wind. It is strange! At least in the Southeast, or especially coastal, you get a cooling breeze and not so much the “giant hairdryer”. Nice comparison, though!

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