A Year’s Worth of Travel Stories


sunrise over Gascozark, Missouri

It recently dawned on me that last year, almost exactly around this same time, I was packing our suitcases and preparing for a daunting 2,200-mile driving adventure across the country so we could all be together and spend Thanksgiving at Matt’s house in Oklahoma.

We are going to spend Thanksgiving in Oklahoma this year, too, but now it’s our house.  (The three of us also have a sixteen-pound turkey for our holiday dinner, about which I’ll probably write in a separate blog post. Actually, a sixteen-pounder might even be deserving of his own blog.)

I am in no hurry to get back on the road again, as much as I miss Florida, but our suitcases have seen plenty of action since last Thanksgiving: Orangeburg, South Carolina; Saint Augustine, Florida; Jekyll Island, Georgia; and all the cities in between Jacksonville and Oklahoma City that served as home for a single night as we drove back and forth.

Jackson, Mississippi, you are certainly charming in the summertime. And I can’t wait until Vicksburg is a destination, not a halfway point, so I can go play photographer out in the battlefields with all the other history nerds.

Mississippi River in Vicksburg, MS

Mississippi River in Vicksburg, MS

Memphis, New Orleans, Mobile, and Little Rock. Dallas, Baton Rouge, Pensacola, and Atlanta. All the places that I have seen or driven through in the past twelve months. And let’s not forget Indianapolis, Springfield, St. Louis, and all my beloved Mississippi River crossings (six and counting!).

It’s been a good year.


St. Louis Arch accompanied by some inner city graffiti.


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