Grace in Small Things: #5

near Piedmont, Oklahoma

  1. My family is willing to pull over just about anywhere we’re driving (dirt road, country road, and highway) so I can take a photograph of something I think is really, really beautiful.
  2. Elle submitted two photographs for a student artist juried contest in Piedmont, Oklahoma. I’m so proud of her.
  3. The Florida courts approved an extension on my temporary relocation to Oklahoma to be followed-up in January. This is good, good news!
  4. I voted for the first time as an Oklahoman.
  5. Baseball is finally gone from my television and Bob’s Burgers is back! As Linda would say, “Alright!”

11 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things: #5

  1. Also love the photo. And you are lucky they will stop so you can take a photograph. It seems to me that most men get into a ‘zombies onward’ zone when they’re driving and stopping becomes an issue. don’t understand why you need the court extension? Is this an american thing?

    • Zombies Onward, that’s funny. Yes, the court extension is passed only because the “other party” involved hasn’t been able to commit to a trial yet. Instead of holding me in FL, I was allowed on a temp basis to move to OK.

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