Natural Order


Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.
— Carol Bishop Hipps

I’m very cold today so I would never call summer a misery. At least the Oklahoma wind has died down. Candles are burning in my house and making everything smell the way they should smell on chilly, autumn days. I would replace those smells with the scent of a busy baking kitchen, but I have other things I should be doing, namely writing a paper about Daoism and poetry and learning how to interpret the Dao de Jing with Westernized words that express the natural order of things. “The opposing miseries of summer and winter…“, how’s that for your daily Dao, your yin and yang? Sigh…

Still, I’d rather be baking.

When I walked outside this morning to take Elle to school, I was startled not only by the cold but also by the dryness in the air. Again, this is a different kind of air for me. Humidity abounds heading into a Florida winter, into the very last days of December even. January is when I would start carrying dryer sheets in my pockets to prevent static electricity and to assure myself I would never start a gas station fire because of a little static shock (Purdue University worries about this, too).

Oklahoma has introduced me to the reality of crisp Fall air. I had no idea it actually existed.


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