Winter’s Preamble

After enjoying roughly two weeks of warm weather and sunshine-filled weekends (for the most part), a cold front is sweeping in. Yesterday brought the wind. Today brings the rain. Tonight brings freezing cold air. Rumor has it that this is the beginning of the end (oh, don’t you just love my winter-hate dramatics?).

My birdhouse tree is nearly naked, thanks to Oklahoma’s infamous winds, but beneath it is a blanket of golden leaves. Sure, it’s pretty, but I can’t help but think the tree is shivering when the wind blows as opposed to it just bending with the blowing gusts, like its natural structure intended. It still makes me want to give it a warm and inviting hug, the poor thing.

I headed out to Lake Hefner yesterday morning before the worst of the wind picked up. It was overcast and breezy, no doubt, but I felt compelled to stay longer than I had planned simply because the sun kept peeking out of the clouds. It seemed every time I turned around to head back to the car, the depressing shade of gray turned itself over to the sun for a few seconds. The clouds lightened up, the water became bluer.

I enjoyed it while I still had the chance.


Lake Hefner




a peek of sunshine


There is talk of this winter in Oklahoma being one of the worst. To be honest with you, I cannot tell if this is optimism or a forewarning. I guess it depends on who you ask, on who needs most what only Mother Nature can provide. I know the trees would like to hibernate (so would I!) and I’m convinced that Oklahomans are a self-sufficient bunch, so I’m not too worried about my own welfare.

I would also be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the first snow. Having spent much of my childhood in Upper Michigan and my teenage years in the icestorm-stricken mid-Atlantic region, I can say I’ve had my fill of nasty weather. My daughter is another story. Not once has she seen a snowflake fall from the sky or hurled herself into a snowpile deep enough to bury her to her knees. Elle is so excited for winter! I’m hoping her enthusiasm will rub off on me (and I promise to wake her in the middle of the night, if we have such unfortunate timing, so she can watch her first snowfall).


7 thoughts on “Winter’s Preamble

  1. Well who knows? Last year was our warmest winter in years! Frankly, I hate the snow….but you deal with what you are given and find the “good” in it. And we are always given ample time for prep. That is the “good”! Enjoy the changing temps and welcome to a cool snap!

  2. She is filming (with George Clooney) a few miles from where we live. I am so tempted to be one of “those” people who follows them around. But I will not. (maybe I’ll just luck out and run into them?) 🙂

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