“I’m With You” in Oklahoma

Twenty years ago, had the chance ever presented itself, I would have barged into a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert prepared to fight off other fans for Chad Smith’s far-flung drumsticks and worn my combat boots to protect my feet from getting stomped on in the melee.

As it happens, I’m not that young anymore and my boots have since been donated to Goodwill (and my concert date had school the next morning), so the kiddo and I took up seats in my husband’s company’s suite with his coworkers (who, by the way, are a really friendly bunch!).  Elle seemed uncomfortable nearly the entire time with the noise and the crowds and the guy who kept walking by and high-fiving strangers, but seeing that this was her very first concert, she’s new to the game.

Apparently, Red Hot Chili Peppers has a new album out, I’m With You, and I’m sorry to say I don’t keep up with such things anymore. I haven’t bought an RHCP album in years, not since Stadium Arcadium, I think, but I am from the old school days of the band and even owned The Uplift Mofo Party Plan on cassette tape, so I’m showing my age here. That fact aside, I was surprised to be on the up and up and recognized every song they played. When they started the opening of “Soul to Squeeze”, I became unexpectedly happy and immediately remembered buying the Coneheads soundtrack many, many years ago because it was the only way RHCP fans could have instant access to that song.

One big surprise? I got teary-eyed during ”Under the Bridge” and I’m not a huge fan of the song. Maybe it had something to do with feeling a connection to your hometown or, as in Kiedis’ case, making a city your new hometown. Can you tell I’m still battling homesickness?

Throughout the show, I texted my friend Mike who had seen RHCP perform in Orlando a few months ago (opened by Santigold, what a show that must’ve been!) and finally asked him, “Do they play ‘Suck my Kiss’?” because that was the only song I cared to see live. I had set our departure time at 10:00, a good hour and a half after the band started their set, and at 9:54 it happened!

(This is also one of Elle’s favorite songs and the only time I saw her get really excited. No, I don’t hold her back from listening to good/great music because of bad language, by the way, unless it’s very obviously sexually explicit. “Little Lion Man” by Mumford & Sons is one of her favorite songs and she never utters a single “F**k” when singing along. We’re good like that.)

I must say I was impressed with the energy these guys put into their show, especially considering their ages and the destruction they’ve done to their bodies in the past. I looked over at the kiddo, who spent most of the concert seeming all stoic and unenthusiastic (seriously, she needs to loosen up even more than I do) and told her how floored I was watching them run all over the stage. Elle actually agreed and said with a huge smile on her face, “I’m getting tired just watching them!” It was one of the few hints she gave that she was having a good time*.


crappy android phone pictures to prove we were there!



*I know she had a good time because she couldn’t wait to go to school this morning in her new Red Hot Chili Peppers concert t-shirt and tell her very cool teacher where she was last night.


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