For weeks Matt and I have been throwing around the names of different dog breeds, trying to figure out exactly what it is that Teddy is mixed with. We brought our mutt home from the animal shelter that labeled him a “Pointer/Lab mix”, as most mixed breeds in any given animal shelter in any given city are probably carrying some kind of Bull Terrier or Labrador gene (at least in my experience). We could see the Pointer breed in him (his nose is uncontrollably in control) but that Labrador side of him…not so much. Also, neither one of those breeds could explain his big ol’ floppy ears nor why he looks like a giant dachshund (his legs and body are not proportionate to the size of either a Pointer or a Lab).

When a friend came over last week and met Teddy for the first time, I mentioned to him this mystery and he said, “He’s got a big head, like a Beagle.”


I finally got around to looking up images on Google of a Pointer/Beagle mix and all of a sudden my screen filled up with hundreds of Teddies. It seems this is a designer breed called a Boingle. Luckily Matt and I didn’t have to spend too much money on one and simply picked Teddy up at the pound for $25.

And isn’t designer breed just a pretentious way of calling one’s dog a mutt or a mixed breed? Although I will admit that I really get a kick out of saying the word “Boingle”.

Here’s Teddy, our Boingle, in all his bandana glory:


Teddy and Abbey. Teddy’s not much of a talker so when he decides to say something, it’s probably important and usually deep (not philosophically, just sound-wise and un-yippy, though I’ve been told the quiet ones are usually deep thinkers).

two happy doggies!

Teddy and Chimay, soaking up some sunshine and grass clippings.


I’m not sure why, but this reminds me of Bruce Springsteen. Like the Boss, Teddy here was also born to run. (Get it? Oh, I’m hilarious.)


One friend called him “front-heavy”, referring to the size of his head. I’ve also come to appreciate an alternate use of his bandanas as drool wipers.


Here’s Teddy getting in touch with nature or, more likely, having been spooked by a butterfly. Have I mentioned he also runs from the kitchen when the coffee maker gurgles?



14 thoughts on “Boingle!

  1. We have two cats to whom we defer and do NOT get a dog, but I am puppy crazy! Teddy is ridiculously cute. I love the third picture down, too. And Boingle? I’d have to just name my dog that because it’s awesome 🙂

    • I know! It’s super fun to say. I left my six-toed cat with my mother in Florida when I moved here to Oklahoma. I sure do miss her, but Teddy is a perfectly fine, if not large, cat replacement.

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    • Not a requirement, but he seems genuinely excited when he knows you’re going to put one on him. I have sadly resorted to laying them all out and letting him choose these days. I can’t tell if he puts his paw on one to get my attention to pet him or if he really prefers the red & blue ones over the candy corn one.

  3. i have a boingle, and its suits her cause she boingles all over the place, including over the fence. she has a sweet demeanour and is great with kids and just loves attention. she has massive floppy ears.

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