Faux Fall


Earlier this week, I took a walk through a nearby city garden. There were some areas I had yet to explore and with the colors of autumn starting to make an appearance, I figured there was no better time to do some natural sightseeing by foot.

It turns out I was wrong. While the entire day was sunny and warm (and quite perfect for a walk outside), a gardener apprised me of the current color situation: most of the trees I was admiring for their fall foliage were actually in the throes of a sort of tree death.

The fact that I could not tell the difference between autumn foliage and the leaves of dying trees just means this poor Floridian has been deprived of fall colors for way too long.

But there is good news! The excruciatingly hot summers of this year and last have parched quite a few trees to the point of them going comatose. The hope is that this winter will be so precipitous and cold (oh, effin’ joy) that they’ll go dormant and recover during their long winter’s sleep.

And there is better news (selfishly so). Autumn colors have yet to really kick into high gear which means my underprivileged eyes still get to enjoy more fall colors! I don’t know when, seeing as the gardener I spoke with believes everything is still seasonally off-schedule, but it should be soon.

Some photos from my walk:

hackberry tree






4 thoughts on “Faux Fall

    • I have tons more – feel free to look through them on my Flickr account. I noticed I have been very drawn to certain types of trees and when I asked the gardener what they were, she told me a certain kind of cedar and…get this, a bald cypress. It just figures! Except I didn’t recognize the cypress outside of the swamp. It made me feel a little closer to home!

    • believe it or not, it got to the mid-80s that day – I might not have been outside were it any cooler. haha, I’m gonna suffer so badly this winter!

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