Butter Makes it Better – Part One: Sweet Potatoes

My last dollar had been spent at the OSU-OKC Farmers’ Market on Portland Avenue* and all that was left to do was wait out a really nasty thunderstorm. I poked around a bit at some eggplant I couldn’t afford when a really nice gentleman, the eggplant farmer himself, told me he would take an i.o.u. from me if I really wanted one. I declined and told him I was just learning how to cook real food (as opposed to desserts and other baked goods) and I needed some advice on where I went wrong with my eggplant last time. After I told him what I’d done, he couldn’t figure it out either and only offered, “Oh, next time just cook it longer!”

Okay, sounds easy enough.

As the storm bore down on us, the farmer and I both lamented over the passing of the okra-growing season. Here is when the farmer tried to turn me on to sweet potatoes. I reminded him that I am only learning how to cook but I that did have some sweet potatoes at home, so I asked him how he likes to eat his sweet potatoes. His description and directions were so simple, but my mouth watered at the thought of eating his favorite sweet potato dish that his wife makes for him.

So here’s to you, my new farmer friend. You helped make our Sunday dinner ridiculously tasty.

sautèed sweet potatoes

Sautèed Sweet Potatoes (for two)

olive oil
1 large sweet potato
2 tablespoons of butter
3 tablespoons of brown sugar

Thinly slice the sweet potato and sauté in olive oil first, gradually adding the butter. Add the brown sugar in one tablespoon at a time over the course of a few minutes. Remove from heat as soon as the edges of the sweet potatoes start to curl and get a burned look to them, probably around 6-8 minutes. (They’re not burned, they’re candied.)

Also, I’m totally guessing at the butter & brown sugar measurements but those are approximate based on my tastes (you may wish to use more or less on the brown sugar, but the butter seems mostly correct-ish).

sautèed sweet potatoes

*I was especially excited to go to the Farmers’ Market this weekend to meet Paula’s folks (they are vendors at the market and are there every weekend – I’ve been walking past them nearly every weekend for four months and didn’t realize it!). Paula blogs over at Stuff I Tell My Sister and was one of the first Oklahoma bloggers to welcome me to my new home here in Oklahoma City (she’s located in Tulsa). We have yet to meet in person, but it means so much that her parents were even eager to meet me. I had a really good time talking to them both and can’t wait to see them again to ask about her father’s Air Force career (yep, he was stationed at the base where I was born – go figure!). Thank you, Paula, and tell your parents hello from me!


12 thoughts on “Butter Makes it Better – Part One: Sweet Potatoes

  1. I’m sorry you got stuck in that wicked rain storm….but so glad you met my folks! They enjoyed your visit so much! BTW….i do not usually eat sweet potatoes, but I may actually try these! I love the sweet and burned thing ya got going on here! Keep cooking! 🙂

    • there isn’t a single thing I fed my daughter that she’ll eat now! Squash was our go-to mashed food at spoonfeeding time, now she’s only partial to carrots and…well, that’s it. LOL

  2. I wrote down this recipe so I can try it. What I found really exciting about your post was meeting up with stuffitellmysister’s folks. All that 6 degrees removed stuff. I think its totally cool to meet new people that way. As a garden blogger, I’d like to meet other garden bloggers and swap plants but it hasn’t worked out so far.

    • I am fairly sure you and I would have met at some point, had I stayed in Florida. I always find it more fun to attend gardening events with other gardeners than my usually-reluctant daughter. At least, my invitation to you would have been extended. 🙂 It could still happen!

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