Grace in Small Things: #1

I’ve come to a realization, one that I may begin sharing here if and when the time comes. Though if I am meaning to do myself any favors, the if becomes the when. Particulars are not important right now but mainly because I don’t yet know what they are for myself. But in time…

Until then, I have to challenge myself to recognize the good things around me – recognize instead of find, because finding them isn’t the hard part. The hard part is acknowledging them and accepting them. Every week, I will do my best to provide a list of five good things: a book, a photo, a moment I was lucky enough to be given, anything I wish…as long as it made me smile.

These are things I’m thankful for:


  1. This guy, Teddy, and his bandanas. I wasn’t so sure about him at first but we’re nearly inseparable these days
  2. Saturday’s storm leaving the sky looking very much like a Florida sunset
  3. Painting birdhouses
  4. Finding this song and listening to it over and over again. And then some more
  5. A beautiful day with enough sun and warmth to get me out of this seasonal mood funk

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5 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things: #1

  1. Thank you for this – absolutely love Grace in Small Things. Just hitting the nail on the head right now – serendipity! all the best Margot

    • I’m so happy this is something other people recognize. I should have started this years ago. In fact, I did but failed to follow through. Bummer, but I’m back at it!

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