Resourcefulness is Delicious

Over the weekend when I baked the cream cheese-filled pumpkin muffins, I did so without much preparation or concern for any leftover ingredients. Why not? Because I was hungry. We all were. I had been awake and frustrated by non-existent biscuits for over two hours. The fact that I still had a cup of unused canned pumpkin lying around after the muffins were baked kind of bugged me, but I am trying to practice what I preach here and not throw stuff out. I tossed the remaining canned pumpkin into a glass container to store away in the refrigerator and vowed to bake another pumpkin-something within a few days.

I woke up Wednesday morning after having gone on a grocery shopping binge the night before and I had all the necessary ingredients this time to make a…er, I didn’t know. But I was sure I would find something! All I needed was a recipe that called for 1 cup of pumpkin but I fell short by a few ounces when I came across a recipe for chocolate chip pumpkin bread. That’s an easy fix, though. Just throw in even more chocolate chips! Nobody complains about things like that.

This recipe yielded two loaves but I only own one loaf pan. What should have only taken approximately two hours from beginning to end dragged on for nearly four hours (each loaf baked for 1 hour and 15 minutes). But it was so, so worth it.

chocolate chip banana bread

chocolate chip banana bread

chocolate chip banana bread

In the spirit of resourcefulness and not being wasteful, the second loaf is in the freezer. After having spent the week nibbling on pumpkin muffins with cream cheese filling and now working down a pumpkin bread loaf, we’re a little pumpkin-ed out. I’m sure it won’t last long.

(If you’re interested, here’s the recipe online.)


12 thoughts on “Resourcefulness is Delicious

    • It was easy to make – just took forever! You should try it out, especially with fall coming in, although it looks like you’re on the other side of the world – enjoying…spring? Either way, make this 🙂

    • Ha, I’d already started (although I did walk through Target earlier that morning thinking…”nah, we have a loaf pan. I don’t need to buy one.” I didn’t realize the recipe made two. Silly me.

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