My Own Private Ecosystem

It’s funny that just a few weeks ago I was struggling to find much to like about Audrey II, my passionflower vine. Then I got really into it when I discovered all the caterpillars and butterflies that need the passionflower to survive. This is an interesting plant even though at times it can be an unruly monster.

Some of the passionflower’s residents, up close and personal:

green lacewing

green lacewing

gulf fritillary caterpillar

gulf fritillary caterpillar

can anyone tell me what this is?

mystery insect


hello, ladybug!

I submitted the third photograph to a website and asked for help identifying the insect. Everything I have come across claims it is a stinkbug, but I don’t think it is. I won’t ruin the beauty of this post by showing you a photograph of an actual stinkbug that climbed up my window screen last week, because it is just hideous and unnaturally large. The creep factor with that stinkbug ranked high, up there with that one time my friend and I trapped a cicada fly under a Tupperware bowl and it screamed like a human baby.


2 thoughts on “My Own Private Ecosystem

  1. Your mystery bug is actually an assain bug. I could definitely tell because they use their long sucking mouths to suck the life out of their victims, which is what you caught in your photo was him finishing dinner. I loe bugs, I know way too much about them, and that is so cool you have an ecosystem in your backyard. 🙂

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