gulf fritillary caterpillar

gulf fritillary caterpillar on my passion flower

Remember the caterpillars I mentioned last week? Here’s an update:

I had been keeping an eye on the cocoons, but I wasn’t obsessing over them. They are both hanging precariously just a few feet outside my office window so watching them has been a relatively easy thing to do. Throughout the day, I would notice the cocoons moving directions – it was kind of strange, seeing as how at 9 o’clock in the morning or so the cocoons would face east and three hours later, they would turn completely around to face the other direction. Nature is smarter than us so I’m sure there is a good reason for this, though I would like to know if it is related to the position of the sun or not.

gulf fritillary cocoon

There’s life inside! (Doesn’t it remind you of Batman? A little…?)

Some of Matt’s family visited us this past weekend and while they were packing up their truck to head back to Missouri, I came into the office to make sure nothing was being left behind. That’s when I noticed it. I slowly walked out of the office with my camera and excitedly yelled back to Matt’s sister, Julie, “She hatched! She hatched! Get your camera!” We each snapped quite a few pictures of the newly-emerged Gulf Fritillary, also known as a passion butterfly.

gulf fritillary out of the chrysalis

gulf fritillary out of the chrysalis – it’s finally a butterfly!

I consider myself lucky at times, or maybe I’m just pre-destined to be a witness to certain things, but that I was able to see a butterfly come to life right in front of me still kind of blows my mind.


Later that day…(wouldn’t it be incredible if it’s the same one that just emerged from the chrysalis? Oh, I’ll never know. They all look alike to me.)

They love the passion flower and it is where their life cycle begins and is sustained. There is one more cocoon with a butterfly inside of it, hanging on my porch railing and changing directions throughout the day. Matt and I did find a few more empty chrysalises around the house. .


Empty chrysalis. You can still see the actual shape of the caterpillar that once lived inside, too.


4 thoughts on “Chrysalis

  1. I am such a nature person and I’ve raised monarchs from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis and it’s one of those things that always leaves me in amazement and awe. I love their transformation and should get back into raising them again!

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