If I’ve learned anything from my time in downtown Indianapolis, it’s that I love the quiet suburbs and rural fields of anywhere else. While I have a good time visiting a city’s bustling downtown district, I am definitely not one who would thrive amidst the sounds and smells and overwhelming sights of all things urban. It’s the same reason why I go to the movies only a few times a year – there’s too much noise and too many things to look at and they all come at me from every direction on the big screen. It’s just that my heart rate increases and my senses are heightened and my body just can’t handle those kinds of things in large doses. Yes, I just compared a trip to the movie megaquadplex to the blaring horns of taxis, confusing one-way streets, too much sidewalk shade, and the constant hands of beggars in my downtown pedestrian path.

So you can imagine the smile on my face when I came across two very particularly serene things while walking around Indy: city gardens and an urban squirrel.  Both made me so happy that I actually wondered if I could thrive in a city just as they were obviously thriving. The answer is an emphatically big, fat NO, but I like to imagine I could be a sophisticated city dweller. It seems so glamorous and chic, but even glamorous and chic housewives have to make dinner for their families, do laundry in the basement with angry crickets, and pick up the kids from school (at least, that’s what I tell myself)…

urban squirrels frolic, too

he’s practically frolicking!








…which reminds me: while waiting in the car-riders pickup line at my daughter’s school, I noticed helicopters hovering and police sirens blaring all over the place. I watched the police hustle the adjacent middle school football players back into the gym while we clueless parents sat in our cars like sitting ducks waiting for someone to tell us what was going on.  Snipers? A bomb threat?  Thank goodness for my husband and a working cell phone.

When I sarcastically texted Matt, “Prison escapees on the loose? Choppers and cops everywhere!” (or something like that), he called me immediately to let me know that a high-speed chase was happening just a few blocks from where I was and that the suspect had allegedly committed assault with a deadly weapon.  Within minutes, the police threw out the tire spikes and blew the speeding car’s usefulness to bits. The suspect took off on foot, only to be caught in someone’s yard. It wasn’t my yard, but apparently this has happened in my yard before I moved in, or at least the suspects used our yard as a shortcut to get from Point A to Point B.

So with that, suburbia holds enough excitement for me. You can keep your downtowns, but I’ll still stop by to visit every once in a while.


2 thoughts on “Dwellings

  1. Sister, I am so with you on not wanting to live downtown. I look at those TV shows where people live in New York City and are excited to be there. I just don’t get it. I would feel so DEPRIVED. I want to live among my bugs and critters, have dirt beneath my feet that I can rearrange as I see fit, the whole nine yards. Let ’em have the city!

    • Agreed! I love greenery and i would miss the trees. A lot of cities try to incorporate trees into the plan, but still…it’s just not the same.

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