Five Words I Never Thought I’d Say:

I’ve just returned from Indianapolis.

This, of course, is the result of my husband asking me, “Would you like to come to Indianapolis with me?” He asked me this late last year or earlier this year, I can’t remember. I only know I agreed to do it on the premise that I not be expected to have a good time. (Yes, I’m realistically pessimistic that way and, besides, why does someone intentionally plan out nearly a week of their lives to visit Indianapolis?)

Because of Gen Con, apparently. And I had a really, really good time! Sorry for the pessimism, Indianapolis. You were pretty awesome.

I married into this which makes me a dutiful gamer’s wife. And the kiddo, who has now been introduced to her tribe of geeks via the husband, is the successful product of his encouraging her to play along, enjoy, and just be her nerdy little self. To put it mildly, SHE HAD A BLAST.

There is much more to our Indy trip than just our time spent in the convention center. Honestly, I wasn’t there too often and spent most of my time walking around the city, touring the Indiana State House, and hanging out with Elle (when she wasn’t with Matt at Gen Con) eating ice cream cones on the steps of the war memorial and pedaling a single surrey around White River State Park for $20 per hour. My soul is happy but my calves are killing me.

A pictorial preview of stories to come:


Indiana State House


beautiful celosia at the city garden


original game board of Dawn Patrol



Gen Con costumes are the best!


Historic Central Canal


I let her drive (and sometimes pedal solo – my legs got tired!)


there’s nothing like soft, northern grass to run through barefoot!


Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument


4 thoughts on “Five Words I Never Thought I’d Say:

  1. Oh, Indianapolis looks really pretty and I’ve never been there myself either, and wouldn’t plan to visit but it looks like a cute place to have a vacation. I would think going to the Gen Con would be a hoot and a half because of all the cool costumes and that would be a blast too. Looks like you had yourself a good time!

    • I was pleasantly surprised! My daughter loved playing the games but being around people who are really passionate about this stuff was really fun.

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