Food Relationships

First, it was Irish-style farmhouse potato cakes at Sean Cummings Irish Pub. Then there was my admirable attempt at eating an entire plate of Nutella & banana crepes from La Baguette Bistro (I failed and left with a bellyache but very, very satisfied). After all that, I still had it in me to go for some okra and have since enjoyed it grilled and sautéed instead of in its usual fried form, which in the Deep South (where I’m from) is generally how one eats it dipped in ranch dressing.  We seem to eat everything else this way, too (fried and dipped in ranch dressing), now that I think about it.

Nutella crepes

Nutella & banana crepes from La Baguette

fresh Oklahoma okra

I eat this stuff every weekend now.

There is very good food here in Oklahoma City. That I can praise any food shows that I’m becoming more appreciative of it because:

a)      In times of change, uncertainty, and/or upheaval, I’m not a fan of eating at all (refer to the last two weeks of my life in which I lost my grandfather and a family friend only a mere two days from each other and moved to Oklahoma while missing both of their funerals during that weekend of traveling only to make it to Oklahoma to receive the news that yet another friend of mine had passed.)

b)      I have serious food issues, mostly regarding food poisoning, and have only recently been convinced that not everything I ingest is crawling with Listeria.

c)       I never feel well. To eat only slightly encourages my mind to calm down and allow my body absorb the nutrients I’ve just given it and hope I don’t get sick, physically (a little emetophobia, anyone?). Is this its own point or does it mirror that of Point B?

d)      Most of my life, I have had to spend insane amounts of time trying convince people that I don’t have an eating disorder. I’m tiny and I have good genetics (if you don’t count the odd cancers that strike my family for no good reason). I eat a lot over the course of the day because I’m a grazer. Also, simply, I’m neurotic. Let it be!

In the last few months, I have opened up my food-curious side. The biggest surprise in all of this is that I actually have a food-curious side to me. No, I didn’t know this before now. But then again, I never had someone next to me encouraging me to try the buffalo chicken pizza (Sauced on Paseo) or the honey-drizzled smoked-then-deep-fried chicken (Bobo’s Chicken, which I’ve also taken to calling Honey Boo Boo Chicken).  My husband is a lot of fun and enjoys a good food adventure. To me, a food adventure is sprinkling parmesan cheese on my popcorn or slapping a pile of cole slaw on my barbequed pork sandwich.

shucking corn

the kiddo learned how to shuck corn

Bobo's Chicken

Bobo’s Chicken. Smoked. Deep fried. Served with fries and fried biscuits and drowned in honey. Oh. My.

With the start of the school year coming up (for both Elle and myself), I will have more time alone while she’s gone for the day and I’m quite looking forward to breaking open my cookbooks. I’m armed with a KitchenAid, too, so homemade pasta and pierogies – HERE I COME! I hope.  I have better access to fresh food here than I did in Jacksonville. Farmers markets are very well established in this part of the country and I also have the Oklahoma Food Co-Op, which is a concept I’d never heard of until moving here. If ever I can’t make it to the farmers market, then the farmers market can (in a way) come to me once a month!

Food is about to become a big, big deal…but in a good way.


2 thoughts on “Food Relationships

  1. I can relate, whenever I’ve had tough times or something traumatic has happened to me, like someone passing away, or something huge in my life I tend to not eat. But, I gotta say, those crepes looked divine… yum!

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