Skyscapes: Part I

I missed the Red Moon last night. Too many trees obstructed my view when I went outside to look at it. And it was just too hot to stand in the driveway for more than a few minutes waiting for it to make its way up to the top of the sky. I did use the moon’s light to guide me back into the house, though, which is about the time I crawled into bed with a book and fell asleep after two whole pages.

My Flickr page has an entire set dedicated to some of my favorite photographs I’ve taken of the moon and the sun, but mostly the sun.  I’m not good with night photography. It helps that most of them are coastal shots, captured while I was on one of the islands near my home or, conveniently enough, at home. No matter where you are in Florida, you are no more than 80 miles from the beach. And a beautiful skyscape.

P.S. Oklahoma, please cool down so I can go outside and play and enjoy your beautiful sky, too. Thank you.

"mackerel sky" IMGP3248101_0725

sunrise Untitled

sunset over the creek incredible sunrise!

Untitled sunrise on Jekyll Island

IMGP3445 IMGP3474


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