Ancient Mountains

Our drive to Oklahoma this time did not include a pass through Dallas. Instead, Matt led us through an area of east Texas full of farms and state highways that took us into the Kiamichi Mountains in Southeastern Oklahoma.  These mountains are much different from the rocky Arbuckles located in the southern portion of the state. The Kiamichis are a small sub-range of the Ouachita Mountain range which, in turn, is the western-most mountain range known as the Ozarks. They’re even older than the Rockies. Being from the flatlands of Florida, I have much to learn about mountains and I’m finding some of this to be quite fascinating.

The Indian Nation Turnpike wasn’t too winding and it wasn’t too hilly. Full of trees and dotted with cattle farms, the road was pretty open and gave our highway-weary eyes a break from interstate traffic and billboards.  At one time I became concerned when I noticed that an odd looking cloud was, in fact, a billow of smoke from a nearby wildfire. No matter. We were able to experience a little bit of excitement here in one of the most peaceful and beautiful parts of the country I’ve ever driven through.

fire in SE Oklahoma mountains

mountain fire

And the way things have been this past year, Matt and I have driven through a LOT of beautiful country. But good news came our way late last week when I was given the temporary approval to relocate here to Oklahoma City, with my husband and my daughter, for at least 90 days. After waiting for so long, the three of us are happy to take what we can get.

Now we are all home.


8 thoughts on “Ancient Mountains

  1. I’m so glad for you! (“Temporary” is a step in the right direction anyway.)

    After I read your post “Internment” I really wanted to somehow communicate how much I felt for you and what you are dealing with in all of that…but I couldn’t think of a comment that didn’t come across as trite…and hitting the “like” button seemed totally inappropriate. I’m so glad you’ve had some good news!

    I hope very much that temporary quickly becomes permanent for you all!!

    • That’s so kind of you, Maggie! It’s been a year of ups and downs in terms of how to live our lives, but this was definitely a good thing and something we jumped on right away! I appreciate your support – it’s so nice to have such thoughtful people share words of encouragement! We all appreciate it!!

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