Garden Rehab

When I left for Oklahoma last month, I made sure to find a caretaker for my plants (hi, mom!) because I had every intention of coming back for them. My mother would tell me during our weekly phone calls how my lavender or tomatoes or dahlias were faring. Then the rains fell for nearly a week, courtesy of a stalled out tropical storm, followed shortly after by a heat wave and a sweltering drying out of sorts.

By the time I returned to Florida, I hardly recognized any of my plants – thanks to my folks ripping apart the garden and potting all of my remaining flowers. Identification was made by the scarred, burned, or wilted shapes of half-dead leaves or by process of elimination. In one pot, I saw a small bit of yellow in the remaining buds so I figured that must be the dahlias (convinced the cosmos seedlings had rotted and are the dead things I threw out over the fence). There’s another plant that was pulled from the ground and placed in a hanging pot. No flowers, no leaves, just stems. I’m pretty sure it’s the petunias.


petunias? I think so.

For the record, I may be here awhile so I plan to bring life back to this happy, little wayward garden of mine SO HELP ME GOD. These guys will be planted back into the ground this afternoon and nature will just have to do what it does, with some help from me. And worm castings (seriously, that stuff is great!).

Note: I am not trying to be artsy with my photos, but apparently my crappy camera has a scratch on the lens and I had to employ some special effects to hide it. Fancy, no?

salvia and strawberries

my vista purple salvia and a dead strawberry plant (note the dead leaves to the right)


dahlias in the foreground, the empty pot that once held cosmos in the background (and the always present dachshund tail wagging beside the philodendron)

lavender and tomatoes

the lavender is huge and…hey, tomatoes!


4 thoughts on “Garden Rehab

  1. Ah! I wondered when you left for Oklahoma what would become of your lovingly tended garden. Then came the big rainfall and wondered some more. Good luck on the revival.

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