Over the past year or so, I have found myself wanting to learn more about the flowers I see growing out in the wild. Whether in a field, lakeside, on a beach dune, or on the side of the road, I want to know what it is. There is a lot of talk about bringing native plants into our gardens and that is something I want to incorporate when the time comes.

When Matt’s family was visiting last weekend, we all headed over to Half-Price Books where I found Wildflowers and Flora of the Americas. I didn’t buy it that day because we just have so many books as it is, but none about wildflower identification. So I went back and got it. Oh, I’m so happy I did.

It is huge and illustrated and informative and…seriously, I didn’t know there were at least 48 kinds of leaf shapes until I opened this book. I have used it only a few times, but for someone like me who is nowhere near scientifically motivated (give me literature and history books anyday!), I’m kind of looking forward to getting some of these in my garden. It’ll be nice to enjoy them without the whirr of an 18-wheeler screaming beside me because I’m parked on the side of the highway taking photographs.

Indian blanket

Indian Blanket: Oklahoma’s state wildflower. I’m growing these right now in a pot on my porch. It now has five blossoms!

Arcadia Lake

I found this colony of coneflowers at Arcadia Lake.

white poppy

My best guess is a white poppy. I’m reading that poppies don’t typically grow here in Oklahoma unless garden seeds have been scattered with the wind. Which we all know is possible (ahem…Monsanto)

milk thistle

Milk Thistle found at Lake Hefner. Matt had some of these in his yard. I had to pick them because those ones had the big heads of fluffy seeds that I can’t seem to stop myself from blowing into the wind. Note the SHARP STABBY SPIKES, Because I did not.

sunflower at the lake

I also found this gorgeous sunflower at Lake Hefner. There were quite a few tall stalks of these, growing in bunches. Sunflowers just make me happy. I plan to grow lots of these next year.


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