First Look

Last week, the kid and I needed another adventure outside of the city. Since we had already traveled north on I-35 to the city of Edmond a week earlier, we decided this time to head west. There is a Mennonite town not too far from Oklahoma City called Corn. It is somewhere off of I-40 but I wasn’t sure if we had enough time to find it, so instead we went to the city of Yukon, also known as Garth Brooks’ hometown.

Garth Brooks Boulevard, Yukon

I still want to visit Corn. I recently saw a stunning photograph of the town’s 1950s-era grain elevator called the Farmer’s Co-op. Set down in the middle of a flat, green pasture (complete with one black cow in the foreground), it is magnificent and pretty much showed me the kind of rural Oklahoma landscape I’ve been dying to see. It just wasn’t going to happen in real life on this day. But I did see this just west of Yukon:

west of Yukon, OK

random oil drill

I know Oklahoma is more than flat, open spaces, randomly placed oil derricks, and farms full of wheat and corn, but this was my first real look at rural Oklahoma.

flat Oklahoma


2 thoughts on “First Look

  1. Good luck with the new blog. There might be a glitch right now because lines go through your sentences as if you were underlining and erasing them.

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