Somewhere, There's a Naked Snake

It’s helpful having an outdoor cat.

Polly wants attention

This year, Polly invited some friends over to keep her company (we ended up naming her cat friends Grayson, Sylvester, and Al Roker) and their presence is probably the reason why we were unaware of the rat infestation in the house behind ours. It’s since been remedied and Polly’s friends don’t come around as often anymore.

We also noticed a decrease in snake encounters. With all the rain we’ve experienced over the past couple of months, the creek that runs behind my house is actually trickling water. In previous years, this has brought all the snakes up into our yard, the nearest dry space.  So far, nothing.

Unless you count this:




I found this dangling on the picket fence. After stretching it out, it looks to be around 6 feet long. While I’m not terrified of snakes, I am a little cautious to step around in the backyard now because I don’t know what kind of snake this came from! I don’t see a rattler case, so I guess that’s a good thing?


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