Toad in a Frog

I have a plant container in the shape of a frog with a really huge mouth. That’s obviously where the plant is supposed to go but there are no drainage holes. Coincidentally, I have way too much experience with rotted plant roots and accidental drownings.

Instead, I ripped apart a piece of my geraniums and planted a separated stalk inside a small plastic container from the nursery and then stuck that inside the frog’s really huge mouth. It’s actually doing quite well.

Take a look for yourself!

frog in a frog

Uh, wait. Is that a toad…inside the frog?

Why, yes. Yes it is!


You know, I’m sure all toads look the same and it could have been the same one I discovered in my garden earlier this year (oh, and maybe it was the baby! – wishful thinking), but he did have an awfully smug expression on his face. He reminds me of a particular toad that was involved in what I believed at the time to be a toxin-squirting incident in my foyer a few years ago. That morning, I opened my front door and this gigantic jerk of a toad hopped in, flopped over on his back, and proceeded to squirt deadly poisons all over the place from his ass. I kid you not.

close up

Gigantic Jerk.

Concerned my stupid dog would lick it all up and die, I called the veterinarian as soon as I was able to escort the toad out my front door to be sure it wasn’t some deadly toxic blast. I’m sure the vet’s staff thought me to be a little nuts, but in what world does a toad just waltz his way into your house and proceed to pee deadly juices wherever he darn well pleases? And that’s exactly what it was, the vet assured me: Toad Pee.


8 thoughts on “Toad in a Frog

    • There have been sightings of the invasive Cane toad here in North Florida. They can kill small animals. Of course, I panicked and immediately thought “CANE TOAD!” when it turned out to be a lil’ old garden toad.

  1. Hahaha–toad in a toad! SO meta! Glad he wasn’t dangerous. I heard about Cane Toads on a National Geographic show about Australia and they’re terrifying! I didn’t realize they were hear in the States too :-O

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