Our Upcoming Summer Vacation

Two weeks from tomorrow, I will be on my way to Oklahoma City. I already have a to-do list once I get there:

  1. Visit the Myriad Botanical Garden. The tropical conservatory includes a 35-foot waterfall and plants from Florida that thrive in humidity. Is it too early to declare this exhibit is my favorite?
  2. Cheer on the Oklahoma City RedHawks, OKC’s minor league baseball team. I’m also wishing to get my photograph taken with Ruby.
  3. Gather some of my friends and take over the kitchen for a baked goods extravaganza.
  4. Meet up with Tanya, my high school friend who also lives in OKC, and go adventuring throughout Oklahoma with cameras in hand. Tanya has lived in Oklahoma City for a number of years but, admittedly, hasn’t ventured too far out of the metro area. This will be changed.
  5. Meet little Evie and smell her still deliciously sweet newborn baby head. I think the scent is just as intoxicating as newborn puppy breath.
  6. Walk across the SkyDance Bridge, preferably at night.
  7. Prepare a pumpkin patch (Matt makes the most delicious pumpkin rolls and we must arm him with the proper tools now so we can be ready for some good fall eatin’. Also, anyone know how I can grow a cream cheese patch?).
  8. I want to see a buffalo. (!!!!!)
  9. Take the kiddo to the community pool as often as possible. Florida sunshine cannot be replaced, but that’s no reason to ignore the sun altogether.
  10. Explore Oklahoma. As many nooks and crannies as I can.

Ruby! Isn’t she just the cutest mascot EVER?!


4 thoughts on “Our Upcoming Summer Vacation

    • Most of it took a brutal hit after the early season tropical storm. I’ll pull out what I can and enjoy it before letting the garden go back to the earth 🙂

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