Something Wonderful

One of my best friends drove down to visit from South Carolina on Memorial Day weekend. Despite the horrific weather, her visit fell into a category I like to call perfect timing because I was feeling increasingly in need of one-on-one time with someone whose presence simply comforts me.  DeAnna and I have been friends for the better part of two decades and our children always look forward to playing with each other. It makes for an easy transition from being apart to being together and our knack for picking up right where we left off is flawless.

I don’t know if this is how other people’s friendships work. Since leaving the military base where my best childhood friends and I met, I have befriended other people who have lived in the same place their entire lives.  The people they have been friends with for the better part of two decades are from their childhood, yes, but some have never lived more than a few miles away from each other. To move into a neighboring town is like moving to another part of the world. Sometimes that distance is too great to work through and the friendship dies.

But I believe in holding on to good people when you find them.  It might have something to do with the military child in me, having had to work through the severing of friendships as a kid, even if those losses were solely based on logistics and geography.  Of course, some people become friends of convenience, serving their role depending on the situation at hand. But it all comes down to those special few, the ones with whom you clicked and suddenly…they’ve become unforgettable. They’re the kind of people you want to keep around! Because once they have seen you at your best, they know how truly great you can be. And when they see you at your worst, they remember how truly great you are in your better moments and they steer you back to that place. For your sake and for theirs and for the friendship they’ve deemed worthy of keeping with you.

So, twenty years later, I can brag on how I have surrounded myself with an incredible circle of friends. Our kids, however many miles may separate them all, have played with each other at one point or another. These wonderful childhood friends of mine have deemed my friendship worthy of keeping and I feel the same. This all goes back to holding on to good people when you find them.

DeAnna said something while she was here that I just unquestionably love. “There’s something wonderful about watching your child play with the children of your oldest friends.”

That brings happy tears to my eyes and I couldn’t agree more. I can only hope my child will be lucky enough to find and keep the same kind of people.

october 2008 - Ella & Delilah

Lilah & Elle – Rock Hill, South Carolina (2008)

on top of the rock

Chimney Rock, North Carolina (2008)

Elle & Lilah

Savannah, Georgia (2011)


Jacksonville, Florida (2012)

DeAnna, Delilah, Ella, me


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