Garden Solution

Knowing that I would be cramming a ton of veggies and flowers into my raised garden beds of limited space, I placed the cucumbers next to the trellis so they could be trained to climb. So far, it’s working out beautifully. And I’ve also proven to a few old school home gardeners (more commonly referred to as my folks) that it is possible to grow cucumbers successfully as climbers.

climbing cucumbers


this one eventually got much bigger and turned out to be pretty darn tasty!

cucumbers are growing

A blog reader then brought up her dilemma in trying to find a way to keep the squash she was growing from being splayed all over the ground, concerned that a climbing trellis wouldn’t hold them up (I’m assuming…?).

Seeing as I’ve taken in so many wayward plants, I found myself overwhelmed with cucumbers (after I had already planted my own from seed) and really running out of space. I had only one raised garden box left to work with and two peppers, one squash, and three varieties of cucumbers still left to transplant. Then a tomato stake swooped in and saved the day, as well as all those aforementioned veggies.

What we ended up using was a three-sided cage and tipped it over. It gives all the cucumbers and the squash plant some extra room to grow without being ground-bound.

raised cukes & squash

raised cucumbers

Both sides of the toppled trellis are providing additional climbing space by adding about 6-8 inches of growing space from the dirt. This also helps to keep the cucumbers from getting too entangled with the squash or the peppers.

Jack, the garden detective

Who needs a garden gnome when you have a garden doxie?

(Besides the toppled trellis, other options I considered using were an old wooden ladder from Elle’s deconstructed swingset and a fireplace screen no longer in use. I’m all about recycling/upcycling but I will never feature a toilet flower pot in my front yard. THIS. It’s not okay!)


15 thoughts on “Garden Solution

    • This, to me, is the equivalent of buying bookshelves but having no books. They’re just begging to be filled. Adding ground space to a garden just begs for me to fill it! Luckily, my veggies and flowers have played along very well.

  1. My husband has been using a trellis for our cucumbers for a few years now. The reason behind his choice was simple to get them up off the ground and make them easier to pick, thus, making more room in the process. We also have had problems with “Nature” taking more than their fair share so a few years ago my husband starting putting a netting across the trellis, it still allows the vine to grow and we get cucumbers that haven’t been picked over by the birds!! Happy Gardening!!!

    • Nice idea with the netting! I haven’t had a problem with much of that at all. I do see that my salvia is covered in ants ALL the time…maybe this directs other pests towards the ants? No idea. But the salvia doesn’t seem to be suffering. In fact, I had to cut it BACK a few weeks ago!

  2. It doesn’t seem too far back that you were cleaning debris from those beds…. there’s sure no debris there now! amazing, great looking stuff coming up! Love your ideas for trellising and repurposing of common household items, too.
    We picked up some slatted privacy screening from a local clothing store when it went out of business because i needed a “wall” for my vines.and bromeliads. (I actually walked into the store during the final liquidation sale and said, “can i have that for free?” LOL!! The manager gave it over!! I was shocked!)
    The best part about your toppled trellis and my “wall” is the uniqueness…no one else will ever have something exactly like it!
    I’m enjoying watching your garden grow!

    • Thanks so much! I actually had one of my best friends visiting this afternoon (we grew up in Maryland together and she’s visiting from South Carolina) and her little 4-year old daughter picked a cucumber from my vine to take home and eat later.

      She was pretty excited to pick it off all by herself!

  3. Do cucumbers always look all prickly like that (really! no pun intended) before you see them in the supermarket? Or are there varieties?

    Your garden looks lovely. My daughter tells me she’s growing a great one, but hasn’t sent pictures. Maybe if I ask her . . . I think the toilet flower pots are cute, but maybe not for the front yard. They’re not great spacesavers but good recycling.

    • I know some people really like the toilet flower pots but I could never enjoy one in my yard or if I had to look at one at a neighbor’s yard!

      As far as the cukes – this is my first time, and all my different cucumbers have pricklies and they seem to wear off as the cucumber grows. I’m wondering if it’s their own defense against being eaten by animals?

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    • I’m pretty sure it came from Lowe’s, to be honest with you. As far the hanging baskets – those are all flowers. Originally, I had a Juliet & Celebrity tomato on either side in the hanging baskets and they grew well enough but I decided to transplant them into the ground.

      I have read of other growing their ground cherries in the hanging baskets and other urban gardening sites recommending certain kinds to grow carrots and other veggies.

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