Cosmic Purples

It’s no secret how impatient I am about my garden. I am especially impatient, though, when it comes to my carrots. To be completely honest, those carrots are the whole reason I wanted to start a garden in the first place. Last fall, my father received a seed catalog in the mail one afternoon and I decided to thumb through it out of boredom. That was the first time I had ever heard of purple carrots.

Actually, it was more like OMG THERE’S SUCH A THING AS PURPLE CARROTS!!????!!!!!

Purple is my favorite color, in case you didn’t know. And I could have had my choice of any color in the rainbow, practically: Atomic Reds, White Satins, Amarillos (bright yellow), even Black carrots. Yep, black carrots. But I went with purple ones.

My Cosmic Purples are described as having orange or yellow flesh and “spicy and sweet-tasting roots”. Kind of makes me want to eat one right now.

They are almost ready. I have pulled a few out every week or so just check on progress (and, honestly, to just smile at the fact that I have purple carrots!) but they are still skinny and growing. Everything seems to be going the way it should be – even when I break into them to marvel at the orange insides.  Immediately after I snap into one of those little carrots, it smells like a carrot and, for some reason, this always surprises me! Fresh, delicious, earthy…mmm, just a few more weeks!

cosmic purples

purple carrots

I just love this color.


see, it still looks like a carrot on the inside!

orange on the inside


4 thoughts on “Cosmic Purples

    • Exactly! As much as I like to have things NOW, I would probably behave better with the carrots if I could see them progress…like my cucumbers.

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