Flower Power: Gazanias

That Gerbera daisy wasn’t the only thing that came home with me the other day. I also decided to take on an already-potted plant filled with white, yellow, and orange flowers – Gazanias. I had never before heard of such a thing (but then again, I’m new at this). Through the course of a normal day, it’s pretty fun to watch these flowers live out a complete daily cycle of opening and closing with their spindly petals protecting them in the nighttime. I’ve compared the look of them to a Venus Flytrap when they’re closed (maybe I’ll be able to get a shot of that sometime). But when they’re open, in the daytime, they look like this:

gazanias waking up

waking up…


almost there…



fully opened!

wide awake gazanias


4 thoughts on “Flower Power: Gazanias

    • A friend of mine just told me that some of these cross-pollinate on their own so you may end up with different colors. Makes them even more interesting!

    • My gerberas are coming up with new buds. They look like they’re a pale yellow. It’ll be a nice contrast next to these bright orange beauties, if they can bloom!

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