Tiny Fruit

These little guys took forever to show up! These little guys being the ground cherries, also known as husk tomatoes, or, my personal favorite, ornamental Chinese lanterns.

My gardening chart said that I would see seedlings emerge within 6-10 days of placing the seeds in the dirt.  It lied. Or else I botched it, which is entirely possible (read: yes, it’s almost certainly my fault) and would explain why I didn’t get any seedlings to peek out of the ground for an entire month.

I planted the seeds on March 1st but I didn’t snap this photograph until April 4th…because they were suffocating under mounds of dirt! Like an inch’s worth!

  ground cherry seedlings

Those determined little things had to tunnel through a hefty load of soil I dumped on top of them and, apparently, shouldn’t have.  It was only recently that I read somewhere how one should “cover lightly”. Oh? Ooops. My bad.

 ground cherries

Anyway, seeing as I didn’t rip them from the ground and give up on them after no action for weeks, these ground cherries are rewarding me. And isn’t it fitting that eventually I’ll have to tear open the paper husk to get to the good stuff…like a present?

Here’s the most recent activity I captured (taken Wednesday morning) of my ground cherries becoming edible things. This is one of those never-before-eaten fruits I can’t wait to try. They’re supposed to taste a little bit like a pineapple.

a baby ground cherry

Fortitude! Resolve! Grit! They have it.


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