Smiling's My Favorite

A few weeks ago, I spent about 48 hours of my life tremendously frustrated with things and circumstances and people over which I have no control. Many people would consider that to be a time sucker, a drainer of energy, and I would agree, but it is likely a part of my biological makeup. So I took a walk.  Well, I took a drive and then I took a walk, but really I had no idea where to go.

I found myself at the dock of the Trout River. I find water to be very peaceful, so I enjoyed the quiet atmosphere for a few minutes before heading back to the wooden gazebo. And as soon as I sat down on one of the wooden benches, I noticed this, staring right at me:

  happy face

The whole time this inanimate object was smiling at me. It was difficult to focus on anything else after I noticed it, probably because I was in no mood for happy stuff. I wanted to be angry and stay angry. But I didn’t.  I couldn’t. How could I after seeing such a happy face?

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I was still plenty frustrated with all the things I cannot control for another day or so, but this little coin-operated binocular stand helped to set me straight by not even saying a word. All it did was offer a smile.

Things have since returned to their natural order, but at least now I am armed with this little spirit-lifting photograph. When a Big Freakin’ Deal in my life took an unexpected turn again this week*, I sulked for a few hours, vented with curse words, and moved on. I’m learning, albeit a little late, that the only things I have any control over are trying to fix the wrongs and giving people the benefit of the doubt, even if they sometimes don’t deserve it. This doesn’t mean I will allow myself to be trampled upon, but it does mean learning to adapt and roll with the punches…with patience.

*And these last few months have been nothing if not a test of my patience. I promise all will be told in due time.


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